Willkommen in Riesa Auf gehts nach Riesa

The saga of Riesa’s giant

Once there was a giant, who came to the shore of the Elbe during his travels. Before he exceeded the river he rested for a short time. In his boots he felt a push, which was due to the grains of sand and little stones accumulated during the long travels. He took place at the shore, groaning he pulled off his boot and turned it around. A big hill came out, on which the first houses of Riesa were created. Therewith the people from Riesa tried to explain the name of their city. But it is historically proofed that the name derives from the designation “Reszoa”. The name also appears in a certificate of the year 1119, in which the Bishop of Naumburg consecrated it the oldest monastery of the “Mark Meißen”. For the identifier of the place he used the name of a small Slavic settlement in the opening region of the river Jahna into the river Elbe. “Reszoa” means incision site, which is freely translated as the place at the estuary. The place name Riesa firstly appeared in 1451. The giant from the legend crowns next to the anchor, the Cityscape with Town hall-monastery and church as well as next to the golden velvet red rose, the three divided coat of arms. The red rose originates from the coat of arms of the Riesa family of baron “von Welk”, the last private owner of the manor. The golden anchor stands symbolically for the centuries enduring meaning of Riesa as shipping- and Elbe-trading-place.

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