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Riesa “Zunftbaum”

The craft is the cradle of the economic development of many places. Instead of a monument there was built a tree for different guilds of Riesa. The “Zunftbaum”, which was inaugurated at the Riesa Town Hall square in 2004, is an important part of our sights. More and more tourists admire the tradition represented by the tree, which revived the city. The image of the trades is strengthened, eventually “Klappern” belong to it, or what did they say about the “golden ground”…? Together with the officially opening of the “Zunftbaum” the project “school and economy” was called in life. It should establish a connection between the tradition maintenance (symbolized by the “Zunftbaum”) and the useful professional orientation of students. The interest in the craft, its roots and its regional specific development should be aroused by different signs of guilds. Many tourists are surprised about the variety of crafts in Riesa. The first “Zunftbäume” were built in Westfalen at the end of the 16th century. Today they are standing in many states. Riesa is a forerunner in the region.

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