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Enter the unique pasta-adventure-world! In the Saxon Elbe city Riesa you discover a unique visitor’s magnet: The Nudelcenter of Riesa’s pasta. Riesa is situated ideally between Dresden and Leipzig, to visit one of the most modern pasta producers of Europe during a day tour through the Saxon “Elbland”.

Glass production and noodle-museum: We’ll show you how the hole gets into the Macaroni In the glass production you firstly watch in short films and later during a tour through the current production, how Spaghetti & Co. are made and packed. The pasta-museum shows the history of pasta and the development of pasta production in Riesa.

Discover the world of the noodle: Adventures and nights full of enjoyment wait for you during “pasta-nights”, “Nudelcenter-festivals”, cooking shows or theme nights in the cooking studio. The Nudelcenter offers you various, interesting events, so that everybody will find something he interests in. Furthermore it gives you the opportunity to look behind the backdrop of the pasta production even at night. You’ll get current appointments and other information at www.teigwaren-riesa.de or calling 0 35 25 / 72 03 55.

Cooking studio Riesa: for hobby cooks and enjoyers Since the summer of 2008 the Nudelcenter has one more attraction to offer: in the cooking studio Riesa the food-professionals Silke Schuhmann, Diana Kahl and Sabine Heinrich regularly prepare different topics for large and small. Private celebrations or special firm-events are organized with an individual kitchen-party or a live cooked menu.

Restaurant “Makkaroni” and “Nudelkontor”: an adventure for all senses In the restaurant pasta-lovers will be pampered with various pasta dishes and the final tour through the pasta shop will make you wonder. Here more than 100 types of pasta, a large selection of Bio-products, regional specialties and special, handmade presents of the pasta-workshop are offered.

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