Willkommen in Riesa Auf gehts nach Riesa

House at “Poppitzer Platz”

“Visiting a museum is always dust-dry and boring!” For some history houses this might be true. But for this judgment you are at the wrong place in Riesa. After two years complete rebuilding and renovation one can see interactive, modern and museum-pedagogically stylized exhibitions, which even conjure a wonder in the face of demanding visitors. In the geological exhibition about the resources of the region at the entrance of the museum, grasping by touching is welcome. Archaeological findings tell about the work, nutrition, the living and the burial of our ancestors in the time of 5.000 B.C. until 6000 A.C. . Then there is battling turmoil and a contemporary report of the conquest of the Slavic castle Gang during the east-expansion. A time-tunnel leads the visitors to Riesa of 1119, which begins with the foundation of the monastery in the “Mark Meißen”. A special piece of the exhibition is the faithfully replica of the certificate of the monastery foundation in 1119. Lordly, rural and pretty bourgeois living-facilities and implements tell about the conversion of the monastery to a manor and about the development of the farmer- and bourgeois community. Products of the once largest and most modern matchstick factory of Germany, the “Konsum Zündwarenwerk Riesa”, stand symbolically for the development of the industry. Besides the historical pharmacy and the old originally set up class room, the quests can expect interesting and various events. Kindergarten groups and school classes are regular guests in the museum, because its employees- the children-museum-club and the museum-club - organize the guided tours exciting and lovely to lead up young people to the history of their home and region. There’s always something happening in this house! In the former barrack at the “Poppiter Platz” there are the adult- and children library as well as the city Gallery. Prof. Benno Werth (painter and sculptor); who was born in Riesa; exhibited here twice (1991 and 2008) and his works have always been admired and the people were interested. Short time after the end of the war he left his hometown together with his family at the age of 17 and learned about art in the Rhineland. On the occasion of the 80th birthday of Benno Werth the Benno-Werth-hall was officially opened in the Riesa city museum. Here readings, concerts, discussions and other events take place.

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