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With its little castle, the park and the church Janishausen is a very romantic place. Even the Saxon prince Johann (1801-1873, Saxon king from 1854 until his death), who acquired the castle and manor as retreat for his family in 1824, discovered that. In Janishausen Johann von Sachsen did his “Dante” studies. The translation of “divine Comedy” was published with the pseudonym “Philaletes” (friend of the truth). It contributed to his reputation, being a “savant at the throne”. The origin of the manor and castle Janishausen is a medieval water castle (probably consisting of a palisade protected tower), which was surrounded by a trench with drawbridge. With a little fantasy the ground is still recognizable as an island in the castle’s pond, the wale. From the middle of the 15th century until the end of the Thirty Year’s war, the influential and in this region widespread family from Schleinitz owned this manor. After that there were many different proprietors. It belonged to the ownership of the Saxon royalty from 1824 to 1945. The castle Janishausen was spared from the destiny of a destruction, which many castles of the region experienced in the 40’s (because of ideological reasons), because the agricultural vocational school was lied there. In 1969 the castle was badly damaged by a fire and began to decay, until it was saved by the conservation in 1955 from the “Dt. Stiftung”. 2003 the culture club Accademia Dantesca Janishausen e.V. (www.a-d-j.de) was founded to rebuild the monument building. From spring to autumn the castle Janishausen can be visited every two weeks (at Sundays). The Grade II listed buildings of the former monument are made habitable with love for the details by the “Lebenstraum-Gesellschaft”, a cooperatively based living project. The park is worth seeing in all seasons. It’s a small, but pretty landscape park, which lies in the surrounding, since 1960 existing nature reserve Jahn-Auwälder. Here, next to the way to Nickritz, thousands of Märzenbecher (a special species of flowers; Leucojum vernum) are blooming every spring on large spaces, which are threatened to extinct. A little “botanic garden” next to the castle was firstly mentioned in 1717. The design of the today’s shape of the park began between 1796 and 1813, organized by the proprietor Georg Wilhelm von Hopfgarten, royal Saxon minister. In those days probably the ginkgo in front of the castle was planted, which is the oldest exemplar of its species in the region Meißen today. More old population of trees invites you to stroll and stay. A special cynosure is the Chinese pavilion on the island in the wale. In the south of the center of Janishausen there is the old “Hohe Straße” (a street), also called “via regia”, from Silesia to Leipzig. From Riesa Janishausen is not only reachable by car, but also by an easy hiking or biking over the Jahnatal hiking- and bike path. You leave the way in Oelsitz and after a few minutes you’ll reach Janishausen. It’s church will greet you from far away.

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