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Town hall and Chapter House

In Riesa the most important civic decisions are made in a monastery. Leastways the origins of today’s Riesa management facility lie in the former monastery. In 1119 it was firstly mentioned in writing. Though, the monastery was cancelled during the revolution in 1542 and a manor-domination was established, which exerted the worldly power from here over the surroundings. Still today the Chapter House remembers of the use of the building as a monastery, which was costly restored in the past years and is now used as a hotel room for Riesa people, who dare…! Furthermore concerts, festive receptions and readings take place there. During the redevelopment the restorers discovered beautiful wall paintings from the Renaissance. Significantly for the Renaissance is the typical egg-rod-motif at the arch ribs. Illusionistic paintings, curtains, gorgeous door robes and above a beautiful sky with music making angels were exposed. Sometime the nuns with their abbess gathered in the Chapter House for discussing about administrative matters of the monastery. The room is characterized by the arches from the 15th century as well as by conversions, which took place in the 16th and 17th century. One of the Lords of the manors was the respected chamber Master and raft Director, Baron Christoph von Felgenhauer. In January 1622 the electoral prince Johann Georg conferred the manor Riesa as ancestral estate to him. He also got the municipal law for “his” village Riesa, which counted about 200 inhabitants in that time. In 1626 Felgenbauer let alter the South Wing into a manorial castle. In 1874 the economically blooming city purchased the castle at the railway line Dresden-Leipzig and used it as Town Hall since then. By the way, the imposing building at the foot of the Town Hall Square is still today enshrouded by a Wisteria, which is standing under nature protection and is flourishing blue in spring. Visits are organized by RIESA INFORMATION, Tel. 0 35 25 / 52 94 20.

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