Willkommen in Riesa Auf gehts nach Riesa

Sleeping and Enjoying

For each guest- no matter if for one night or many days- a beautiful accommodation belongs to it. The wishes of the visitors are totally different: People ask for clean and tidied, close to the center with a good kitchen or for a bed with a TV set. Of course a tired and exhausted biker longs for a beautiful bed and a cold shower, different from guests who want to experience our attractive city RIESA and its surroundings for some days. We tell you: We’ll definitely find the right thing for you! Also your creature comforts are in best hands here in RIESA. From kind, little and big cafés over restaurants with good, German, national and international kitchen and fine dining you’ll find everything in our city. Just look around! The team of the RIESA INFORMATION likes to help you with the selection of the restaurant that fits to you. Little hint: From May to October guided tours through the monastery take place, at which you can participate without prior notification. Just ask us for it!