Willkommen in Riesa Auf gehts nach Riesa

On the way in the surrounding





RIESA is one of the most beautiful stations on your trip along the Saxon Elbe and is situated near to the Saxon wine route. The surrounding countryside offers a lot of interesting places for bikers and tourists too. There are various possibilities to plan excursions in the surroundings. Renowned cities like Meißen or Dresden are only two of the various clues in the surroundings of our city. Be inspired by the nature, the viniculture and the well-developed road in the near neighborhood of Riesa. Visit the idyllically situated Elbe vine-villages and convince yourself of the unique region between Dresden and Torgau as well as Leipzig or Chemnitz. Dive in the beautiful nature of Saxony on foot or on a bicycle tour, with the car or other public transports. Even the remote cities are reachable from Riesa. More detailed information you’ll get in the RIESA INFORMATION. We also like to give you suggestions, to plan your free time in the surroundings of Riesa optimally.

Service für Radler

Wer mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs ist, steht manchmal vor vermeintlich großen Problemen: Wo stelle ich mein Gepäck unter? Wie komme ich an mein Ziel, wenn mir die Puste ausgeht? Oh je...und jetzt habe ich auch noch einen Platten! Für alle diese Gedanken gibt es in RIESA eine Lösung. Unser "Service" für Radler" beantwortet Ihnen die wichtigsten Fragen.