Willkommen in Riesa Auf gehts nach Riesa


With the foundation of the monastery in 1119, not only the history of Mark Meißens oldest monastery began, but also the history of the city Riesa. The today’s cityscape is characterized by the numerous churches, which only divulge less scars of their time. This is a consequence of the long and comprehensive renovation process. Besides regular worships exhibitions, guided tours and concerts take place, which are visited by Riesa’s guests. For example you can marvel at Riesa and its surroundings during a tower climb in the trinity church. In connection with a church- and organ-tour – the trinity church has one of the largest organs of Saxony- the visitor learns interesting things about the history of Riesa. It is also worthwhile to participate in a guided tour through the monastery church. In connection with visiting the neighbored zoo it will be an adventure for young and old. Visiting a concert of the castle church Janishausen will be impressive too. Often classical concerts take place here in the time-honored atmosphere, which rejoice growing popularity.

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